Adopt Me Review: How Good Is The Most Played Game On Roblox?

Adopt Me Review

Adopt me is a game on Roblox, you can get Roblox Google Play or the app store.

This game is where you can adopt kids and raise pets, it is one of the largest games on Roblox.

It has around 400k people playing it and has over 2.8 million votes out of which 85% people liked the game.

How To Start Playing Adopt Me?

So, first of all, I’m going to show you how to play.

When you first join Adopt Me it will come up with Play.

You press play and then you will get to choose if you want to be a baby or a parent.

If you choose parent then you get to adopt a child and raise a pet (you get to choose if you raise a pet)

Both baby and parent will be able to raise a pet.

I will talk about pets later on.

As I was saying whatever role you choose you will then spawn in your house.

But first, it will come up with a daily reward. (most of the time the reward will be a gift or some money)

There will be a claim button right under it so you press claim then it will come up with star rewards.

On star reward’s you get to claim different items throughout the days, if you keep play it once every day then you will get a daily streak.

For example, I have a 123-day streak.


Once you have done that, you will be standing inside your house.

On the side of your screen, it will come up with some icons.

You press the arrow and it will come up with 4 options.

On one of them, it will come up with dress up.

Press that and you will get to customize your character and make it look nice.

Being A Parent

Now if you’re a parent you can go outside your house to the exit teleporter.

This will teleport you to the town area.

As you can see in the pictures above when you come into the town area you will see the nursery right in front of you so what you need to do is walk towards the door and go in.


There will be 2 sides, pet area and adopt a kid area,  you walk on the right if you want to adopt a kid and walk to the left if you want to adopt a pet.

If you go right then you will see loads of cots and you may see some babies in there but you might not.

If there aren’t any babies in there then sometimes people say in chat ” ABC to roleplay” or “ABC for a kid” etc.

The chat can be found on the top left-hand corner.

Being A Baby

If you’re a baby then you will get lots of needs.

For instance, you might be hungry, thirsty, bored so you go to the playground and sometimes school or hospital.

When you do your needs you get money from them.

If your an adult looking after a kid then you will also get money from it.

Also if you want a pet go back to the nursery and on the left you will see some eggs, what you have to go is get an egg and hatch it.


Hatching Eggs

You can hatch your egg by doing needs.

There are different pets you can hatch from eggs, there are 4 eggs.

Royale Egg, Cracked Egg, Pet Egg and Aussie Egg.

The Aussie egg is rare, the eggs change every month only the Aussie eggs change so soon it will be a new egg.

Last time it was the Safari Egg.

You have to buy the eggs with the money you make.

The Royale Egg is $1450 Adopt me money, the Aussie egg is $750, the Pet egg is $600 and the Cracked egg is $350 so the cracked egg is the cheapest of all eggs.


What You Need To Know

In this game, there is quite a lot of scammers so you have to be careful!

Most of the scammers try to get your pets or some of your rare items.

For e.g, if you have legendary pets they would sometimes say ‘ABC to trust trade’ or “ABC to fail trade” and stuff like that.

A trust trade is were you trade someone and accept.

The person who you are trading gives your pets/items back so it’s basically seeing if you can trust people.

But most of the people trust trade but they don’t give your items back and then they leave.

A fail trade is were you trade someone but one of you puts bad pets on and the other person puts good pets on.

Be careful of all the scammers and try not to get scammed.

By the way, if someone asks to trust trade for fail trade say no but it’s up to you to decide, make the right choices.



This game is pretty good, if I had to rate the game out of 10 it would be 8/10 mostly because of the scammers but overall the game is great!

If you are to play it be careful most of the people playing will want to take your items.

Thanks for reading my Adopt Me Review. Stay Safe 🙂

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