All You Need To Know About Animations Mocap Roblox

Guide To Animations Mocap Roblox

Today I will be bringing to you a guide of Animations Mocap Roblox.

If you don’t know what animations mocap is, it’s basically a game on Roblox where you can go around dancing and listening to music.

This game was created by fovvss.

His Roblox group is called Animations: Mocap.

On this game, it has 183 Million visits with 87% upvotes out of 159k robloxians.

It is a very popular game, and loads of people play it.

It was created on 4/20/2019.

Now let’s get into the post!


What Is Animations Mocap Roblox?

Animations Mocap Roblox is a game where most robloxians go on to vibe to the music and dance.

There will be a tab on the left-hand corner of your screen with 8 options.

If you want to dance, click the 1st option.

It will then come up with loads of dance that you can use.

Altogether there should be 15 tabs on dances you can choose from.

My favorite dance has to be Toosie Slide on page 2.

You can also choose to emote as well as dance.

There will be an emote button near the top above the speed.

The speed will let you change the speed of the dance/emote you are doing.

As I was saying, when you go on emote, it will come up with 7 pages.

They are all cartwheels and backflip type of emotes.

On the side tab, the other option is the Shop.

It will come up with all the game passes that you can buy.

Such as Admin Commands.

Admin commands are where you will be able to access commands.

Here are a few of the commands you can use: /fly me, /size me, /char me.

To use them, you have to say /cmds in the chat, and it will come up with a bar of all the commands you will be able to use.

This game pass costs 450 Robux.

There are more game passes, such as Colored Nametags, Glowbands, Glowsticks, Confetti Cannons, and a Rainbow Name Tag.

Glowband Gamepass On Animations Mocap

Out of all the game passes, I think the Admin Commands is the best since you can do loads of things.

I think most of the game passes arent worth it.


What Animations Mocap Songs Are There?

In this game, you can listen to music.

To get music, all you have to do is go on the tab on the left and click on the 3 option.

It will have a musical note on it.

And at the bottom, it will say request a song.

Put in a Song ID code.

But this costs Robux to request a song that everyone will be able to hear.

You can listen to music that other people have put in.

Or listen to the free music that will come up when nobody is playing anything.

If you don’t want to listen to other people’s music, there will be a mute button on that tab.

It will be at the top right-hand corner.

You can choose any song only if the song ID code has not been deleted and not copyrighted.


What Does VIP Do In Animations Mocap?

There will be a VIP game pass that you can purchase.

It costs 150 Robux.

This VIP game pass includes a VIP name tag, access to the VIP only room, a golden glowstick, and some special gear.

Inside the VIP room will be loads of seats.

You will be able to see the non VIP players below.

The location of the VIP room is near the accessories shop to the right.

There should be a Nightclub sign.

Go in and look forward but above you.

You will be able to see the VIP logo at the top.

For me, I don’t think it’s worth it.

You barely get anything, and you only get a small room that no one else except VIPS can go to.


How Do You Get Laser eyes?

To get laser eyes is a command you can use to get lasers in your eyes.

If you want to get them, all you have to do is be a donor.

Just buy one of the creator’s clothes and then join the game and say ‘!laser eyes.’

And it should work.

If it doesn’t, then I’m not sure because I have never done this before in my life.


How Do You Become A Member?

A member is someone that is a fan of the creator’s game.

It will come up above your nametag saying ‘Member.’

To become a member, all you have to do is join the owner’s group.

His group is Animations: Mocap.

You won’t just have a nametag; you will also be able to go into the accessories shop and use some of the accessories.

There are hats, faces, and hair that you can choose from.

The faces that you can choose are Limited faces, which are very rare!

And most of the hats are  Limited as well.

You can buy all of these items in the Roblox catalog.


Can You Dance With Other Roblox Players?

The answer to can you dance with other players is a Yes.

You can dance with other players.

All you have to do is sync them.

Say in chat: /sync (players username).

For example, if I wanted to sync my friend, I would say: /sync ii_TUcookie (that’s just an example username. It’s not real).

It would then start dancing at the exact same time as them.

Now when they start dancing, you will start dancing at the same time. You will be synchronized.

You won’t be able to choose the dances. The person that you sync will choose the dances.

But if someone else syncs you, then you will be able to choose the dances.



So, after all this, I would rate this game a full-on 9/10.

It’s a very good game, and I love all the different dances and emotes that you can choose from!

It may take over my favorite game, which is Murder Mystery 2, and for this game to take over, that would be insane since I play that game 24/7.

Anyway, I recommend you playing Aminations Mocap its a brilliant game, and it’s good to dance and interact with friends while playing this game.

You can also check out my Adopt Me, Welcome To Bloxburg, and Piggy. They are three games I also enjoy playing and recommend.

Thanks for reading my Animations Mocap Roblox guide!

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  1. Please answer this question. If i buy ” request song ” purchase, will it stop playing if i leave.And if i want to request song again must i pay again?

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