Beginners Guide To Building In Fortnite (Perfect For Newbies!)


Today I will be bringing to you a beginner’s guide to building in Fortnite.

There are several battle royale games out there, and each one offers something, but with Fortnite and like the name suggests to win a game, you need to be able to build ‘forts’ fast.

Building as becoming one of the most important aspects of a Fortnite players game, since the game was built around it, whether you win or lose is decided on how good you are at it.

Over the past years of playing the game, I have been working on improving my building abilities, and let me tell you at the start I sucked.

I would be the easiest kill an opponent could ever get as I would stand there while they build a three-story building in front of me, leaving me no chance.

Now since I was a beginner once and have now become what I would say reasonably decent at the building.

I have decided to put together the perfect beginners’ guide to building in Fortnite that will set you for some ‘w’s in the game.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the post.

Why Is Building So Important?

I will be answering some questions people have asked about why building is so important.

Building is essential because if someone is shooting you, you have no protection, and you will die straight away!

As you play the game as soon as you drop into the battlefield, you will start to come across other players.

Since you have all dropped, everyone at first has no materials, but people start opening chests to get access to wood, brick, or metal.

Now once people have materials, they can start to fight for victory!



How To Start Building?

To build, you have to find materials around the map.

You will be able to find wood, brick, and metal.

Metal is the strongest, but it takes longer to build fully.

Brick is the 2nd strongest and personally for me, its the best, it doesn’t take that long to build, and it’s firm but not that strong as metal.

Last but not least, wood, wood isn’t the strongest, but it is swift to build.

Around the map, there will be different objects to farm so you can gain mats (materials).

You can farm absolutely anything.

If you are swinging your pickaxe and it won’t farm, then you can’t cultivate that.

And if you don’t know what I mean by taking longer to build, I mean as it takes longer to get the pieces together to make a full structure.

Building Structures

There are four structures to build.

A wall, floor, ramp, and a pyramid-shaped roof.

If you want to build a simple quick and easy base, you have to make a box around you jump and then quickly place a ramp.

But if you are in a base, try not to poke your head out to much, you can get spotted and sniped.

Sometimes when your fighting someone, they will build up to get high ground, and it will be easier for the other opponent to eliminate you.

But if they go too high up, you can get shot down by other players and die to fall damage.

What you need to know

Sometimes when you are in a base, you can get shot down; if you do, then you have to quickly build some walls or anything that you think will protect you.

I recommend using brick more than metal and maybe wood, but it’s up to you.

Also, if you want to heal and you don’t want to get shot, you can build around you or find the nearest building.

You can also edit your builds, for instance, you might be in a fight, and you have to get out because the storm is coming you can just easily edit your way out instead of breaking the structure down.

Now, this is where I will be helping you.

I will tell you some tips on how to edit because editing is kind of hard for new players.

So first, here is something that will help you, what you need to do is go to settings and then go on the 2nd tab and scroll down till you get to building.

Then go to Confirm Edit On Release and turn it on and save it.

It will help you with your editing, but you don’t have to have it on if you don’t want to.

While your on settings, go to the 6th tab and see what your Combat Controls are.

For the Building mine is on Builder pro, that’s the easiest for me.

I’m on Xbox so I think it’s easy for me.

Like I said that was just a tip and you don’t have to use it!











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