Expedition Antarctica Review: Is It Fun?

Expedition Antarctica Review: Is It Fun?

Today I will be doing a review on Expedition Antarctica.

This is a game on Roblox made by – RJD12345, and their group is Playduo Studio.

It has 23.5 million visits with 81% vote ups out of 54.3k people.

Expedition Antarctica was made on 12/13/2018.

I have played the game, and it’s excellent; this game is great for people who like adventure games!

Anyway, let’s get into the post.

What Is Expedition Antarctica?

This is a game where you have to complete different types of parkour.

You will be going around the map, visiting different camps to claim your checkpoints.

Overall there will be 3 different camps.

  • Camp 1
  • Camp 2
  • Camp 3

Once you load onto the game, you will be about to choose a country flag to represent as you go along the trip.

But while you do this, you will only have 3 lives; once you use them all, you will go back to basecamp, and you will have to start again.

So whenever you’re doing the parkour and accidentally fall and die, you will go back to the camp you got a checkpoint on.

This is a hard game to complete since on the journey, your energy and thirst will go down slowly, so you have to eat an energy bar or drink water to get it back on 100%.

But you only get 1 energy bar, and your water will be at 100%, and whenever you drink, it will take away 10% of your water.

The only way to get more water and energy bars is by going to a nearby camp.


How Do You Play Expedition Antarctica?

This is a straightforward game to play except for the parkour.

All you have to do is go around the map doing parkour, but you have to be very careful!

There will be loads of jumps, ropes, ladders, and loads more.

Once you have done all 3 camps and get to the finish to earn a badge and some money.

There are no rules on this game; you have to follow the red pole.

The red poles with guide you to the camps.


What Can You Buy With You’re Coins?

There are a few things that you can buy with your coins.

But if you’re wondering how to get coins, all you have to do is get to different camps and particular points on the map.

Here are the things you can buy:

  • Different color clothes
  • Boosts (3+ minutes of Jump, Speed, etc.).

Boosts On Expedition Antarctica

Different colored clothes

When you are at base camp, there will be a section where you can change into explorer clothes.

Your starter clothes will all be red (not including your shoes or backpack).

But there will be a shop where you can get different colors to decorate your clothes/items.

You can choose colors from Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Black, Orange, Teal, Dark blue, Yellow.

Colored Jackets On Expedition Antarctica

When you scroll down, there will be different patterns that you can choose from when you on the jackets section.

The patterned ones are costly; it costs around 1000 – 4000.

Most of them are cheap, costing 100 – 700.

You can get different colored helmets, goggles, jackets, pants, shoes, and different outfits.

Opinions And Tips

This is a great game to play with friends, exploring the difficulty of traveling around the Antarctic.

Here I will say 3 top tips that I think will help you complete it.

  • First of all, when you are doing a hard bit of parkour, you have to concentrate.

When you’re doing the rope parkour, that is the hardest part of all the parkour you have to do.

  • Go with other people to help with stress when you fall; it will help.

I went with someone, and they showed me the way to the end.

But you might go with someone that hasn’t completed it before.

You don’t have to go with someone; this is my opinion since it helped me complete the game.

  • Always have your flashlight on when it gets dark in the game.

This is very useful since it helps you see better when you’re lost or need light.

These were just a few of my tips/opinions.

You don’t have to follow them, but I hope it helped!



Overall this is a great game to play with friends and also on your own.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Expedition Antarctica review!

I definitely recommend this game to people that like adventure and who like to explore new areas.

Once you get to the end, you will be so relieved after all that hard work you put into it!

If you don’t know what to look out for when you get to the end, you should see some tall flags of different countries standing next to each other.

But when you make it, you will get 1000 coins and a badge.

That is a lot of coins. You can buy loads of things with them.

If you want to know of other games I recommend, you can check out my Adopt me, Murder Mystery, and Piggy guides here too!

Thank you so much for reading my post!

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