How To Become Better At Tower Of Hell? (4 Key Tips!)

Tower Of Hell

Tower Of hell is a Parkour game on Roblox.

I will be mentioning a few tips on how to become better at Tower Of Hell.

These methods will help each and every platform you play on.

For instance, I play on Ipad and Computer and these tips will help!

4 Tips That Will Help You Become Better At Tower Of Hell

In this guide, I will go over 4 tips that have helped me to become a better player at Tower Of Hell. So without further ado, let’s start with tip number one.

1. Turning On Shift Lock

  • Sometimes when you are stuck use Shift Lock

Shift lock is basically 1st person but you are not zoomed in.

  • If you have yxles (coins) then you can buy low gravity, speed, invisibility, and different coils (you buy it for the whole server but when you get coils your only buying them for yourself).

Coils are basically the same as low gravity, speed, etc.

There are only 3 coils.

Fusion coil, gravity coil, and the speed coil.


Speed Coil Gravity CoilFusion Coil

Speed Coil – Red

Gravity Coil – Blue

Fusion Coil – Purple

There is one more coil but you can only get it on a certain level.

The Safe level, this level is very rare and you barely see it.

A big safe will be in the middle of the stage and you have to type in the code on the keyboard on the safe.

If you have the code correct then the safe door will open.

Inside will be a free orange infinite jump coil.

This coil lets you jump without stopping to wherever you want.

For example, if you wanna get to the top and you have the orange coil all you have to do is keep on jumping.

I haven’t come across this level but I’m trying to so I can take a picture and show you guys.

If you do see this level this is the code –  69420, 5164627

Make sure to put the correct code in or it will not work.

If you want to drop an item just press backspace but it only works on a computer/laptop.

2. Don’t Rush

When you’re playing this game there will be other players as well.

And when you get to the top you can speed so it makes the timer go faster.

During that time when people speed your thinking of rushing to the top so you can get 100 yxles.

But usually when your rushing you will fall, and that will make you very upset and annoyed.

Well someone speeds stay calm take your time but do the parkour at a steady speed.


2. Stay Calm And Don’t Rage

When you will get extremely annoyed.

But that won’t help you at all.

If you fall or die just carrying ongoing, but if you keep dying/falling over and over again I suggest you leave and take a break.

Or try and control your anger.


3. Don’t Be Selfish

As you probably know, when you get to the top you can speed.

And that’s how you get your 100 yxles.

But if you do that the timer quickens by x2 every time another player speeds and it’s not fair for the other players.

When Someone Speeds In Tower Of HellSpeeding In Tower Of Hell

So I suggest you wait until the last 10 – 20 seconds then speed so it gives other players more of an advantage.

You could also help others by buying low gravity or speed.

That helps the newer players complete the parkour.

It can also help you when you’re stuck on a level and you cant get by it.

Final Thoughts

  1. I suggest that you shouldn’t have the music on and you should put on your own music that will help you be calm and focused. This is a personal preference and if you think you concentrate or prefer it on, you can keep it on.
  2. Another one of my suggestions is that you shouldn’t be worried about not getting to the top in time because I think this game is just about practicing your skills.

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