Murder Mystery 2 Review: Your Complete Guide

Murder Mystery 2 Review: Your Complete Guide

Have you recently got Roblox and are looking for a Murder Mystery 2 Review.

Don’t worry as I have you covered!

Murder Mystery 2 is a game on Roblox where you get given the role of innocent, murderer, or sheriff.

There are only 1 murderer and 1 sheriff and the rest are innocent.

The game was created by Nikilis on 1/18/24.

This game is a very popular game since it has 92% upvotes out of 3.5 million people.

It’s a very good game but it’s not as popular as Adopt Me.

Adopt me is a very popular game, I’m pretty sure it’s the most viewed game on the whole of Roblox.

Enjoy reading and lets get into the post!

What Is Murder Mystery 2?

Murder Mystery is a great game and I recommend to all the robloxians that like shooting games should definitely play this game.

There would really enjoy it.

And also to the people that like action.

Once you load onto the game there will be a voting section.

You will get to vote for the map but you might have to wait for the round the finish.

When you have loaded onto the map you will be given either innocent, sheriff, or murderer.

The innocents and the sheriff’s job is to survive and stay away from the murderer.

Whoever is sheriff has the job to kill the murderer, but nobody knows what other people’s roles are.

But when your sheriff and you shoot the wrong person you will die and so will the person you shot.

If your murderer you have to go around the map avoiding the sheriff and trying to kill all of the innocents.


Are There Any Hacks To Getting Murderer?

Unfortunately, there are no hacks to getting murderer.

It’s just luck, and anyway it’s better to get murderer randomly than hacking the game just so you can get murderer.

To be honest it’s not fair since other people are waiting their turn and you’re just getting murderer every round.

And if your wondering there are no hacks for getting sheriff as well.

It’s just pure luck, but you can glitch.

There will be a shop on the tab in the left-hand corner of your screen.

You go on that and go to emote.

Buy the teddy bear for 600 coins.

Then go onto a map like Factory, Milbase, NStudios.

And go to a door that’s shut and that you won’t be able to access.

Now spam click the teddy bear, which is at the bottom of your screen.

When you have done that you should be glitched into that place that no one else can enter.

Now you have a hiding spot that the murderer can’t get to.

But, again I don’t think it’s worth hiding.


What Are Knives And Guns?

In this game when you are chosen to be a Murderer or Sheriff you will get given a knife or a gun.

Whenever you open a box you will get a new knife or gun, but it does depend on what box you open.

Knives and guns are the items you use when you get a role in an actual game.

There are different rarities you can get such as:

  • Common – 70%
  • Uncommon – 15%
  • Rare – 10%
  • Legendary – 5%
  • Godly – ???

The reason I put question marks for godly is that nobody knows what the percentage of getting a godly is. However, it is safe to say it is quite rare.

You can get loads of boxes like:

  • Mystery Box #1
  • Mystery Box #2
  • Knife Box #1
  • Knife Box #2
  • Knife Box #3
  • Knife Box #4
  • Knife Box #5
  • Rainbow Box
  • Gun Box #1
  • Gun Box #2
  • Gun Box #3

Those are the only ones you can get.

But there might be a special box during a holiday like Christmas or Halloween, these boxes only come in December and October.

You can also buy knives with Robux but they cost around 1699 Robux.

Buying A Godly For 1699 Robux On Murder Mystery 2

That’s a lot of Robux to spend on a knife!


What Are Gems?

Gems are a type of coin you can use to buy different items in the shop.

With these gems you have to buy them with Robux, you can not earn them by playing the game.

Here are all of them gem prices:

  • 100 gems – 100 robux
  • 400 gems – 400 robux
  • 800 gems – 800 robux
  • 1,700 + 300 gems – 1,700 robux
  • 4,500 + 1,000 gems – 4,500 robux
  • 10,000 + 3,000 gems – 10,000 robux

Buying Gems On Murder Mystery 2

They are very expensive but worth buying.

You can get many things with gems like Radios, Boxes, and emotes.

To buy a box they cost 100 gems each.

And with the radio, they will all be different prices depends on what design they are.

With the emotes they can be at least 100 – 800 gems.

You can also buy effects and powers.

Powers are special effects you can use in-game. 7 effects

There are 8 powers in total (you can also buy them with coins you earn within the game).

Effects are collective items you add to your knife to make a cool effect.

For example when you buy the flaming knife effect, whenever you kill someone they will turn to flames.

As well as Radioactive when you kill someone they will turn a light green to look like acid.


If you want to learn more about gems, I wrote a post not too long ago on how to get gems on Murder Mystery 2.


What Codes Are There In Murder Mystery?

There are different ways to use codes in Murder Mystery 2.

You can use them for boombox song ID, and to claim free items.

To use a boombox you have to have to radio pass which is 475R$.

If you don’t have the game pass you cant use any of these codes.

Boombox Codes

Here I will name a few music code IDs

  • Ariana Grande – Higher, 336518148
  • Becky G – Shower, 5959099726

These are the most popular songs that Roblox players are using.

There are many more songs but you have to find the songs that haven’t been deleted for copyright.

You might find it hard looking for songs but those two songs are guarantee suitable, and 100% enjoyable.

Free Item Codes

There will be some codes you can use to get free knives.

But the person that created the game with post tweets on Twitter about free codes.

Here I will name a few codes (there are all old so they won’t work).

  1. COMB4T2
  2. AL3X
  3. SC3TCH
  4. PR1SM
  5. INF3CT3D
  6. D3NIS

If you try and redeem it will say it has expired.

Hopefully, there will be more codes for all of the newer players to get a free knife.


My Thoughts On The Game/Conclusion

Overall this game is amazing!

I defiantly recommend this to people that like action.

I’ll rate this game a 10/10 its been my favorite game for the last 3 weeks!

I haven’t stopped playing this game, it’s so addicting and I think you would really love it if you don’t already play it.

Thank you so much for reading my Murder Mystery 2 review, have a good day.

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