Piggy Roblox Review: How Good Is This Roblox Game?

Piggy Review Roblox

This game is piggy, it’s basically Granny but Piggy style.

Piggy is a game where you try to escape but there is a Piggy going around the map trying to find you.

You have to try to find keys around the map that match the colored door lock.

The developer of the game is – MiniToon

This game has about 200k playing it each day, they get 91% upvotes out of 1.8million people who have played the game.

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As you can see in that picture there was a blue key and an orange key.

You can use the keys to unlock doors and key safes.


When you first press play you will spawn at the player spawn.

But before you spawn you will get to choose what map and what mode e.g Bot, Player, Traitor, Infection and Player + Bot.

Once you have chosen the map and the game mode, it will then load you onto the map you chose.

You will then be able to move around, look in rooms and try to find keys and other items.

Here are some of the items you might find around the map, Hammer, Spanner/Wrench, different coloured keys, fire extinguisher, Gun and bullets, etc.

The picture above will show you were you escape (the picture is on the map called “mall”

On that escape door, you will need to escape is Crowbar, White key and a spanner/wrench.

On most of the doors, you will need a Hammer, White key, Wrench and a Code.

This map is Carnival.

That’s what most of the escape doors look like.

Game modes

So, on all the game modes all of them are different.

There are 5 game modes in total.

Each mode has a different difficulty.

On the player mode, there will be a random generator and it will choose who is the Piggy.

Then on Infection mode, there will be a piggy and whoever the pig gets will the turn into a pig with them.

Player + Bot is one of the hardest because there are 2 pigs one of them is a player and the other one is a bot.

Traitor is where there is someone who has betrayed there teammates and now has a knife who can eliminate other players.

There will be a Bot on that mode and the traitor has to try not to get killed by the Pig if the traitor does get killed then the other players win.

Being Selected As Piggy

When you have been selected as piggy you will spawn in a blank room for 30 seconds so you can give the players a head start.

Also,  you will be able to change your piggy skin at the start of the game.

If you want to change your skin you press shop and a piggy shop will come up.

You can change your skin and your traps.

Anyways, once your time is up you can go find people,  you can walk around placing traps to stun players for 15 seconds depends what trap you buy in the shop.

When you’re looking for players the players will be unlocking doors with keys and trying to escape.

There might be a Piggy player like Doggy, Bunny, Zizzy, Pony, George Pig etc. (all these characters are from the actual Peppa Pig tv series)


They are on the player team.

Food will be around the map and players can feed that food to one of the piggy players depends what food you have, once they have been fed they will run to you and stun you for 20 seconds.

If you see someone and your close you walk up to them and

Find the players before they escape.



If you have been chosen to be a survivor you have to escape but try not to get caught by piggy!

There are different ways you can escape on each map.

What You Need To Know

On this game, most of the players find ways to glitch!

If you see someone glitching then they are cheating.

Some people share how to glitch but if they don’t try it, you could get kicked or banned for a certain amount of time.

Even if you do glitch its cheating and there would be no point in being in the game if you’re not going to do anything and just wait for the other player to open the exit.


On this game, I would rate it a 9/10.

This game is a really good game but most of the time there are people who glitch and sometimes when you get killed by the piggy it will give you a bit of a shock.

But everything else in this game is great!

I suggest you play this game it’s 1 of the popular games on Roblox.

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