Roblox Piggy Game: Why Is It So Popular?

Roblox Piggy Game: Why Is It So Popular?

Today I will be talking about why Piggy is so popular?

Piggy was created by MiniToon and went live just over a year ago on the 1/23/2020.

The game sits has one of the most played games on the site with over 7.1 Billion visits.

The popularity of this Peppa Pig themed game is reflected with the high 90% upvotes which is out of 2.3 million Roblox players.

Since my last Piggy review, it had 1.8 million players that were playing it.

Now it has 7.1 Billion!

That’s a lot of people that have played it since my last Piggy post.

This game has had a lot of attention recently and because of that I thought I would re-visit the game doing another review.

Let’s get into the post.

What Is Piggy On Roblox?

Piggy is a game where you have to find keys around the map unlock doors and escape without getting killed by Piggy.

When you first join there will be a voting option.

Will be able to choose what map you would like.

There are 12 Maps that you can choose from.

  1. House
  2. Station
  3. Gallery
  4. Forest
  5. School
  6. Hospital
  7. Metro
  8. Carnival
  9. City
  10. Mall
  11. Outpost
  12. Plant

Piggy Map Voting

They are all the maps that vote for.

But there are 2 Books.

Piggy Book 1 and Book 2

This is only in the first book.

These are all the maps in the second book:

  1. Alleys
  2. Store
  3. Refinery
  4. The Safe Place

Piggy Map Voting Book 2

That’s all of the maps so far.

I’m assuming there will be some more.

You will also be able to choose what game mode you wanna play there are:

  • Player
  • Bot
  • Infection
  • Traitor
  • Player + Bot

Piggy Game Mode Voting

They are all the game modes and I don’t think the creator will add any more for the time being.

However, there may be more added in the future.


How To Play It?

Once you load onto the map you will then be able to start.

You will have a 30 seconds head start ahead of the Piggy, to start looking for the keys.

After the 30 seconds timer has finished the piggy will spawn and will then begin to hunt down players.

Your job is to find keys and objects to help you escape.

Make sure to not bump into Piggy and help out the other players.

When your playing you may find some people that are cheating.

Here is a picture of me being piggy and someone cheating so I can’t get them:

Player Cheating on Piggy Roblox

This is on the map Outpost.

In the end, we both lost.

But anyway, I will continue talking about how to play.

If your piggy your job is to go around killing people.

You have to eliminate everyone before they escape.

When your piggy never stay at the door where the payers have to escape because that’s not fair.

That’s called camping.

It just makes it harder for the players to escape and neither of you will win and you both won’t get Piggy coins.


Where Do You Find The Keys?

There will be keys and objects around the map that will help you escape.

You have to go around the map unlocking doors and try to find other keys.

Around the map, you will find:

  • Hammer
  • Keys
  • Key cards
  • Wrench
  • Code
  • Fire Extinguisher

There are more but I’m not going to name them all.

Whatever map you choose, won’t have the same keys as another map and they won’t be in the same place.

Some maps should have a few of the same keys but not always.

But if you choose the same map the keys will be the same but they may not always be in the same place.


Why Is It So Popular?

Piggy is a popular game since it’s based around the Peppa Pig show for kids.

The creator took Peppa Pig and made it into a horror game on Roblox.

Loads of kid play it just because it’s based around Peppa Pig and as well of the story line, it includes the characters from the show.

Such as:

  • Mr P (Mr Potato Head)
  • Bunny
  • Zizzy
  • Pedro Pony

And some others.

The creator has added more Piggy Skins since the Book 2 has came out.

Here are all the new skins:

  • Officer Doggy
  • Rash
  • Pandy (Uniform)
  • Dessa
  • Raze
  • Tigry (Uniform)
  • Felix

Most of these are made up characters and aren’t from Peppa Pig.

Here are some characters from book 1:

  • Piggy – Free
  • Little Brother
  • Mother
  • Farther
  • Grandmother
  • Sheepy
  • Pandy
  • Teacher
  • Memory
  • Kitty
  • Mimi
  • Dinopiggy
  • Daisy
  • Angel
  • Pong
  • Devil
  • Doggy

All these skins cost a certain amount of Piggy coins.

There are many more to name.

In book 2 there are only a few.

But i’m book 1 there are loads!

There are 36 Skins you can choose from in Book 1.

And 7 in Book 2.


Is Roblox Piggy Safe For Kids Or Not?

I don’t recommend kids playing this game since there is a chatting option where you can talk to strangers.

And also it’s a horror game, kids will get scared easily.

I think this game should be for kids 9+.

Just because it’s scary and little kids shouldn’t be talking to people they don’t know.

But overall this game is great but not recommended for little ones who get frightened easily.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Piggy Roblox game post, if you have any questions on the game that wasn’t answered then let me know! 🙂

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