These Are The Most Expensive Pets On Adopt Me

These Are The Most Expensive Pets On Adopt Me

Today I will be talking about what are the most expensive pets on Adopt Me.

Recently Adopt me has had a lot of hype over the Christmas update.

This game was made by – NewFissy and Bethink on 7/14/2017.

So far it has 84% upvotes out of 4 Million people!

That’s a lot of people.

Right now it has 18.3 Billion visits.

Since my last post on Adopt me, it had 2.3 million visits and now it has 18.3 billion, over time this game has become a very popular game.

I’m pretty sure it’s one of the played games on the while of Roblox!

How Do You Play Adopt Me?

Adopt Me is a very easy game to play.

There are no rules you need to learn but there is one thing you should keep an eye on.

In this game, there will be a lot of scammers, and when I say a lot there are a lot!

They will try to take all of the items that you have in your inventory.

If you didn’t know there will be pets in this game, and rare items you can collect.

So try and stay away from the scammers.

Anyway, to play this game you just have to select what age you want to be.

You can choose either Parent or Baby.

When you’re a baby you will have loads of needs that you can do such as, Food, Drink, Go To The Playground, Go To School, and Go To The Hospital.

These are only some of the needs you will have to do, there will be more.

When you do your needs you will gain money from them.

As well when your a parent and the baby is in your family you will earn money from it also.

If you choose a parent your job is to look after a baby or look after a pet (you can choose if you want to or not).

Babies can look after pets as well.

You don’t really have to learn how to play it’s a do what you want type of game.

How Do You Get Pets?

To get pets you have to go to the nursery and inside there should be a baby side and a pet side.

The pet’s side should be on the left and the baby’s side should be on the right.

If you go to the left there should be loads of pets you can choose from.

There will be:

  • Cracked Egg
  • Pet Egg
  • Royale Egg
  • Random Egg (comes once every 2 – 3 months, it comes then it goes away forever).

Right now for the random egg, it’s the Fossil Egg.

You can get many pets out of it.

Since it’s called the fossil egg it will be based around animals that are extinct.

So far here are all the pets you can get out of the fossil egg:

  • Ground Sloth – Common
  • Tasmanian Tiger – Common
  • Glyptodon – Uncommon
  • Triceratops – Uncommon
  • Stegosaurus – Uncommon
  • Pterodactyl – Rare
  • Wooly Mammoth – Rare
  • Dilophaurus – Rare
  • Sabertooth – Ultra-rare
  • Deinonychus – Ultra-rare
  • Dodo – Legendary
  • T-rex – Legendary

You can get all of those pets just out of one egg but you have 25% to get a common, 30% to get an uncommon, 25% to get a rare, 15% to get an ultra-rare, and 5% to get a legendary.

What Are The Top 5 Most Expensive Pets?

I will be naming the 5 most expensive pets you can get on adopt me.


The giraffe is a very rare pet, it came out of the Safari Egg that costs 750 Adopt Me bucks.

It came out on July 5th, 2019.

Since then the Safari egg never came back so nobody can buy it, that’s why it is so rare!

As well as it is legendary and most people love giraffes.

Shadow Dragon

You could only buy the Shadow Dragon at the Halloween update last year.

This rare pet costs 1000 Robux.

That’s the only way you can get your hands on this pet by buying it with Robux (or trading your own pets for it).

It can be located in the shop menu or the Halloween Castle shop.

Since the Halloween update, nobody can get it.

Blue Dog

This was one of the first pets to come to Adopt me.

So to all the people that got their hands on it, they have a super rare pet in their inventory!

You could get amazing trades for it.

Blue dogs are worth 2/3 legendaries.

It could be found in the Blue egg which is rare.

The dog its self is Uncommon but is worth a lot.

Pink Cat

Again, this is the second pet that came to Adopt me.

It is very rare but quite a lot of people have it.

You can find this in the pink egg.

But sadly you cant get it anymore.

Frost Dragon

Again, the Frost Dragon does cost 1000 Robux.

This pet is very similar to the shadow dragon but it just came out at different times.

The shadow dragon came out at the Halloween update, and the frost dragon came out on the Christmas update.

It is a large dragon, and very stunning.


So whenever you see one of these pets you now know that they are very rare and expensive.

This is a brilliant game to role-play on and trade pets, I do recommend it since it’s a very popular game and it got loads of people playing it.

And after this, I really hope you enjoyed reading this post about Adopt me pets.

Thanks for reading.

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