This Is The Best Way To Get Gems In Murder Mystery 2

You have likely found your way to this post because you want to know how to get gems on Murder Mystery 2.

Well in this post I am going to take you through a quick guide on how to do exactly that.

If you don’t know what Murder Mystery 2 is it’s basically a game on Roblox where you are given a role and the aim of the game is to survive.

The game was created by Nikilis and currently has 3.9 billion visits. So far it has 92% vote ups out of 3.5 million votes.

This game is very popular and is one of the most played games on the platform, however not to the lengths to Adopt Me and Piggy.

Now let’s get into what the game is about, the benefits of gems, and how to get them.

What Is The Aim Of Murder Mystery?

Once you load into the game there will be a voting option, you will be able to vote what the map will be.

Here are the maps you can vote for: Mansion 2, Research Facility, Workplace, Hospital 3, Office 3, nSOffice, Factory, Police Station, and Workshop (which only comes in the Christmas update).

After that’s happened it will take you to the map and on your screen, it will come up with what role you are.

So you have one murderer, one sheriff and the rest are innocent.

The innocents and the sheriff are all on the good team and the murderer is on the bad team, their job is to avoid bumping into the muderer but the only thing they don’t know is what other plays roles are.

If it come up as Sheriff then it’s your job to save the innocents.

If your muderer you will be given a knife and if you are sheriff you will be given a gun.


What Are Gems Used For In Murder Mystery 2?

If you didn’t know there are gems in the game.

Gems are used to buy boxes (that contain knives and guns), Radios and keys that are also used to open boxes.

Murder Mystery 2 Radio cost

Keys and gems aren’t the only things you use to open boxes you can also use coins that you collect during each game.

The max coins you can collect is 40.

When you want to buy a radio you have to have the radio pass which is 475 robux.

Not all radios cost gems.

How To Get Gems In Murder Mystery 2?

You’re probably wondering how to get gems but here is a disclaimer you can’t get them for free you have to buy them with robux.

You can buy;

  • 100 gems – 100 robux
  • 400 gems – 400 robux
  • 800 gems – 800 robux
  • 1,700 + 300 gems – 1,700 robux
  • 4,500 + 1,000 gems – 4,500 robux
  • 10,000 + 3,000 gems – 10,000 robux

Murder Mystery 2 Gem cost.


Are There Any Codes Or Hacks That Will Get You Gems?

Unfortunately, there are no codes or hacks that can get you any gems but there are some codes for some free knives/ guns.

Murder Mystery 2 Redeem codes

You just have to go on Twitter and search up the game creator’s username and there may be some codes you can enter.

Now I hope you found this brief guide on how to get gems in Murder Mystery 2 helpful to you. If you have any questions do leave them below!

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