Was Adding Cars A Good Move By Epic Games?

On Fortnite, there has been a new update.

This update is all about transport.

Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite) have added cars to the game.

There as been a lot of speculation over when cars would be added to the game right from early launch.

We have had tons of updates, including the use of Helicopter and even special missions.

But with Cars added, it has made a lot of gamers happy but at the same time also frustrating others.

In this brief little guide, I am going to go over the new updates, what the cars are about, how to find them, and the pros and cons of Epic Games, finally adding them into the game.


There are different cars in this game.

Here are some of the car names :

  1. Victory Motors Whiplash – A flash Sportscar
  2. OG Bear – A Bright Pickup Truck
  3. Titano Mudflap – A large Lorry
  4. Islander Prevalent – A Small Modern Car
  5. Taxi

The Sportscar is the fastest car in the game.

It has a boost at the back that can make the car go even faster.

All the other cars/trucks go bout the same speed.

I think the Sportscar is the best car out of all of them because it’s speedy and it looks pretty decent.

The Small Modern Car is the worst because it’s prolonged and necessary, but it’s not that bad if that’s the only car that’s near you.

The Lorry isn’t that bad, its big and it’s slow but other than that it’s not that bad.

The Truck is quite useful because it is fast, and it can hold four people in it.

Last but not least is the Taxi, this vehicle is about the same speed as the modern car.

But looks different from your standard car.

If you’re in a car with someone else and you’re in the passenger seat or at the back, then you can shoot at other players while your teammate is driving.

All you have to do is press the button you use to aim your gun, and it will poke your character out the window, then you shoot.


Gas Stations

Other than the car update Epic Games have added  Gas Stations.

Within these Gas Stations, there are gas pumps you use to fill up your car.

While your drive, your fuel will be going down slowly, so you will have to find a Gas Station to fuel up.

At the bottom right corner, it will show you how much fuel you have and how fast you are going.

Some times when your driving, it will make a noise, and a notification will come up saying your about to run out of fuel and that you have to get more Gas.

When you are roaming the map, you may see some Gas Tanks.

You will be able to pick them up and keep them in your inventory.

Whenever you’re in a car, and it’s about to run out of fuel, and you can’t get to a Gas Station in time, then you will have a spare Gas Calendar in your inventory ready when you need it.


Radio Stations

When you are in the car, a radio station will come up.

There are up to four you can choose from.

  • Party Royale
  • Radio Yonder
  • Beat Box
  • Power Play

Party Royale and Radio Yonder are kind of the same; they are based around music from Emotes that are in the game.

Beat Box and Power Play are the same as well. It plays real-life music, for e.g., Dance Monkey – by Tones and I, Tootsie Slide – by Drake and that sort of music.

What I Like About The New Vehicle Update

On this update, I think it was pretty good.

It’s good for fast transport, and you can get around really quickly.

If you’re in the storm and it’s taking forever to get out of, then you can always find a car dotted around the map and quickly get to the circle.

What I Don’t Like About The New Vehicle Update

I do like the update, but the only thing I don’t like and what you have to be aware of is that if someone is in a car approaching you, then try to build some cover because if the car hits you, then you will be eliminated.

It depends on what car they are in.

If they are in the Sportscar or a truck, then it would take approximately one hit.

But if they have a shield, then it may take about two hits.

A Lorry and the Normal Modern car will take about three hits.

In my opinion, I think cars are overpowered.

If Epic Games change the fact that you can eliminate someone within one hit, then that’s not fair.

As soon as you land, you have probably already been eliminated, but other than that, this update was a good move!

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