Welcome To Bloxburg Review: Is It Worth The 25 Robux?

Welcome to Bloxburg Review

In this Welcome To Bloxburg review, I will be talking to you about the price of the game and whether it is worth the 25 cents.

For those of you who don’t know Bloxburg was made by Coeptus and was created on the 11/4/2014.

It has been a big success in its 6-year stint collecting over 3.7 Billion views and an average vote up of 93 percent out of 3 Million Roblox Players.

His group is: Welcome to Bloxburg: Fan Club.

This game is very popular but still not as played as games like Adopt Me and Piggy.

But without further ado let’s get into the post.


What Is Welcome To Bloxburg?

Welcome To Bloxburg is a game where Roblox players can role-play.

You can build houses, go to work, and join a family.

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Welcome To Bloxburg Explore

There are different game passes that you can buy with your Robux like:

  • Excellent Employee – 300 Robux
  • Premium – 400 Robux
  • Multiple Floors – 300 Robux
  • Basement – 100 Robux
  • Stereo –  400 Robux
  • Large Plot – 250 Robux

Excellent Employee is where you got to work and when your working you’ll earn double the amount you already get.

For example, if before I earned $20 I would then earn $40.

With Premium, you will get half of your bills taken away so you only have to pay half.

Double your daily rewards.

A special Premium name tag next to your username.

You will be able to choose your plot space and your donation limit will increase.

Multiple Floors will let you build more than one floor on your plot.

You can build up to 6 floors.

Basement, that will let you go underneath your plot so you can build a basement.

The Stereo pass will let you play music using your car, and a radio that you can out on your plot.

And last but not least, Large Plot.

This will increase your plot and make it bigger than the usual plot that everyone will have when they first start.


Why Does It Cost 25 Roblox?

There is a reason why Welcome To Bloxburg costs Robux since it’s a BETA game.

If you’re wondering whether you have to pay every time you play.

The answer to that is no you don’t have to pay every time you go to Bloxburg.

This game is worth the Robux since you can learn what it’s like to have your own house, have a family, and much more.

Welcome To Bloxburg Building

When you have a house you have to pay bills.

That’s what you have to do in the game but if you don’t have enough money to pay them your power will run out.

And when you have a family you have to feed them.

You have to go to the shop to buy food that costs money.

It teaches younger ones what you will have to do when you’re older.


How Do You Earn Bloxburg

In Bloxburg, you can earn certain stuff by playing the game.

But the question is can you earn any Robux by playing Bloxburg?

The answer to that is no.

You cant earn Robux in any way but you can earn something else such as trophies.

There are many trophies you can earn.

When you finish a skill (like gaming, gardening, music, and more) you will earn a trophy.

But you will also get with that is some money.

So basically, you can get money for free you just have to keep doing that skill over and over again to level up and you will get a free trophy and $5,000.


What I Like About Bloxburg

Bloxburg is a good game.

You can learn loads of future life skills that can help when you get older.

I recommend that you should buy it since it’s a great game and it’s good for role-playing.

It’s suitable for kids.

And loads of people love this game.


What I Don’t Like About Bloxburg

It is a good game but the only thing I don’t like about this game is the scammers.

There are scammers in this game where they build a homeless shelter on their plot and they beg for money.

If you come across someone begging for money don’t trust them.

Anyways they can go to work and earn their money themselves.

Another thing is that you always have to pay bills every day (in Bloxburg time).

But it shows how to take care of your home.

This game is amazing other than the scammers trying to get free money.

Is Welcome To Bloxburg Worth It?

Bloxburg is definitely worth the Robux!

And you should buy this game.

When I first got this game, I was really hyped up.

At first, you will probably get really excited and can’t wait to design and build your house.

This is a good thing, but first, you have to work and earn money which isn’t that hard.

You probably can’t wait and I think you will really enjoy this game.

It’s also good for people that like building houses and designing buildings.

Thanks for reading my Welcome To Bloxburg review, I hope you found it interesting.

Let me know of any questions you have, just below this post!


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