What Is The Best Knife In Murder Mystery 2?

what is the best knife in murder mystery 2

Today, I will be bringing to you a guide on what is the best knives on Murder Mystery 2. I will also be talking you through how to use them in MM2 (Murder Mystery 2).

I will be talking about the knives’ rarity and which knives are the best that you can unbox.

If you don’t know what murder mystery is it’s basically a game where you are given a role. Here are the roles you can get; innocent, murderer, and sheriff.

There are also different modes; causal, assassin, and last but not least, hardcore.

But I will get into that later in the review.


How To Play Murder Mystery 2?

Playing Murder Mystery 2 is easy when you get to know the rules better.

As I said before, there will be 3 roles.

Innocent, Sheriff, and Murderer.

Getting Innocent In Murder Mystery 2

Getting SheriffGetting Murderer

There will be 1 murderer and 1 sheriff, and the rest of the players will be innocent.

When you load onto the game, you will be able to vote for the map.

Voting For The Map

There will be different maps you can choose from. You can check out my other post that will name all the maps you can vote for.

Talking About Different Roles

Once you load into the map, it will come up with what role you are.

If your Innocent, your job is to stay away from the murderer.

The only problem is that nobody knows what other players’ roles are.

When your Sheriff, you have the ability to eliminate the murderer and save the innocents.

But if you die from the murderer, your gun will be left there so other innocents can get the gun and try to save the day and be the hero.

When your sheriff and you shoot an innocent instead of the murderer, you will die, and so will the person you shoot. It will take you back to the lobby.

You have the option to spectate the other players that are still in the round or just stay there and wait for the round to be over.

The sheriff will have a gun, and the murderer will have a knife. The murderer’s job is to go round the map killing everyone.

But the murderer will have to be careful since the sheriff (that has the gun) is still lurking around, ready to shoot.

This is only the casual mode.

The Assasin mode will have the same rules as the casual, different game mode. Everyone has a knife. You are given your own target, hunt down your target, and avoid getting hunted.

Hardcore will contain; First-person only, characters disguised, no radio, no pets, and toys, only play with other hardcore players.


What Do The Knifes Do?

In this game, you can get knives that have different designs on them.

There are different rarities to show how much they are worth.

The rarities are; common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and godly.

It is sporadic to unbox a godly.

  1. Common – 70% to unbox
  2. Uncommon – 15%
  3. Rare – 10%
  4. Legendary – 5%

And with a godly, you have little chance of unboxing.

You are fortunate if you get a godly!

Everyone has got a knife. If it’s the first time playing the game, you will have a default knife.

But if you play the game for a while, you will most likely have more than one knife.

If you’re wondering how to get knives, you just have to press shop, and it will come up with a bunch of boxes.

You can get a knife box and a gun box.

They cost 1000 coins, 100 gems, or 1 key.

Gems cost Robux, and keys cost gems.

You can only use your knife when your murderer.


What Is The Best Knife In Murder Mystery 2?

A few knives are considered to be the most acquirable ones to get in the game.

These all file under the category I spoke about earlier, Godly.

So here are the godly knives that are essentially the best ones a Roblox player can get their hands on:

  1. Chroma Fang – Knife
  2. Chroma Heat – Knife
  3. Chroma Luger – Gun
  4. Chroma Gemstone – Knife
  5. Chroma Deathshard – Knife
  6. Chroma Laser – Gun
  7. Chroma Seer – Knife
  8. Chroma Shark – Gun
  9. Chroma Tides – Knife
  10. Chroma Saw – Knife
  11. Chroma Slasher – Knife
  12. Chroma Boneblade – Knife
  13. Chroma Gingerblade – Knife


What Is The Rarest Knife?

Here are some top 10 rarest knives in Murder Mystery 2:

  1. Carrot
  2. Tulip
  3. Passion
  4. Ginger Knife
  5. Wrapped Knife
  6. Snowy
  7. TNL
  8. Cane Knifes
  9. Green Elite
  10. Corrupt

Most of these knives you can’t get anymore.

And some of these aren’t legendary/godly.

Only a few of these came out in 2015 for an Easter and a Christmas event.

I hope you enjoyed this post on what is the best knife in murder mystery 2 and found this guide useful to you.

If you have any more questions to do with this topic do let me know 🙂

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