What Is The New Fortnitemares All About (2020)

What Is The New Fortnitemares All About (2020)

In Fortnite, there has been a massive update.

And Epic Games are settling in for Halloween.

If you don’t know what Fortnitemares is it’s basically a game mode that comes every year in October.

It’s just Halloween type mode.

But that’s not all that came in this update there is much more.

New boss

If you’re wondering if there is a new boss in this update there is in fact.

It’s the return of Midas (the old boss that was at the agency) he’s back for revenge.

The Authority has been changed it’s now called The Ruins.

That’s where you can find Shadow Midas and his Henchmen.

Midas will be carrying the Shadow Drum Gun.

And his Henchmen will be holding either a Pumpkin Launcher or the Fiend Hunter Crossbow.

What Happens When You Die

When you die you don’t actually die you respawn as a Shadow.

It will come up on your screen saying Midas’s Revenge and you can go back down and fight.

When you’re a ghost and your low on health your not allowed to use meds (Like, Medkits, Bandages, Mini shields, Consumables, etc.)

You will get to eat any loot that comes off the ground, from players, from chests, supply drops, and more.

As a ghost, you will have different abilities.

Obviously, all the ghosts will have the hitting ability so they can eliminate the other players.

The next one is a scream ability, this one marks players and shows their location for a certain amount of time.

The other one is where you can walk through walls/other objects around the map.

And the last one is a jump ability.

New Items In The Game

Yes, there are new items in the game and here I will name a few of them.

In the game, there are some new consumables.

First, there is candy.

There are different types of candy like Hop Drops, Jelly Bean, Candy Corn, Pepper Mint and Thermal Taffy.

Here is what they all do.

The Hop Drop increases jump height for a short period of time.

With the Jelly Bean, you will regain a small amount of health.

The Pepper Mint increases your speed for a small amount of time.

And the Thermal Taffy will let you see heat signatures for a short period of time.

Last but not least the Candy Corn will increase your health by 10, at 1 per second.

Now that I have covered the consumables let’s do the other items.

Epic Games have added a new Mythic Broom Stick.

This broomstick is basically like the Silver Surfer but a broomstick instead of a surfboard.

Once you have used it and have landed you have a 20 seconds count down before you can use it again.

Epic Games have also added some Halloween type skins such as a witch, a neon skull trooper, a Ghostbuster set, and much more.

Fortnitemares Skins

Other Interesting Facts

The release date on Fortnitemares 2020 was on October 21st.

And it will end on November 2nd.

During this update, there have been some daily challenges.

These challenges are only here for a limited amount of time.

After you complete them you will get some rewards.

You will get a back bling, a gun wrap and some sticker emotes.

If your bored and have nothing to do jump into Party Royale and watch J Balvin or any other creators that you like.

J Balvin party royale performance

In Party Royale, there will be a special Fortnitemares performance.

J Balvin’s performance is on November 1st at 1 pm ET and 6 pm ET (10 pm PT and 3 pm PT) at the main stage.

If you wanna watch it make sure you dint miss it!


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