What Murder Mystery 2 Boxes Have Godlies In?

What Murder Mystery 2 Boxes Have Godlies In

Are you wondering what Murder Mystery 2 Boxes have godlies in?

This was a question I was asking when I first started playing the game.

However, since I now have the answer I thought I would share some info on Godlies, how to find them and which boxes there most likely to appear in.

I have already done a few posts on Murder Mystery 2 and now you know why.

Let’s get into the post.


What Are Godlies?

Godlies are just a different type of rarity that you can unbox.

The color of the rarity will be pink.

These are very rare weapons!

There are loads of godlies that you can collect.

Here I will name 5 of the rarest godlies ever!

Chroma Laser

This is a gun, you can find it out of Gun Box #3.

You can get a normal version or the Chroma version.

The best one to get is the Chroma version.

This has to be one of my favorite guns that you can get out of the game.

Recently, I have been searching for this gun.

The number of boxes that I have opened is unbelievable!

But still no luck on getting any godlies.

Chroma Luger

Again, this is another one of my favorites.

You can get this out of Gun Box #1.

This is a picture of it:

Luger In Murder Mystery 2 Roblox

There is a normal version (which is gold) and a Chroma version.

Chroma Heat

This is a knife that you can find in Rainbow Box.

The rainbow box is just filled will different colored knives.

Again you can get two of these, Chroma and normal.

Chroma Seer

Once again, there will be 2 versions.

With the normal seer you can get loads of different colors such as Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange and the standard color Green.

You can get the Seer and the Chroma Seer out of crafting 20 or ore legendary gems.

That’s only a few, there are many more!

My favorite godly has to be the Chroma Laser since it looks very nice and very clean.

Seer In Murder Mystery 2 RobloxChroma Seer In Murder Mystery 2 Roblox

What Boxes Are The Most Popular Boxes That Get Opened?

First I will name all the boxes that you can open.

  • Mystery Box #1
  • Mystery Box #2
  • Knife Box #1
  • Knife Box #2
  • Knife Box #3
  • Knife Box #4
  • Knife Box #5
  • Rainbow Box
  • Gun Box #1
  • Gun Box #2
  • Gun Box #3

As you can see there is a lot of boxes to choose from.

Let me explain what each type of box is and what it contains:

Mystery Box

Out of this box you can get knives and guns.

Here I will name all of the guns/knives that you can unbox.

  • Combat – Common
  • Copper – Common
  • Hardened – Commmon
  • Splat – Common
  • Camo – Uncommon
  • Tiger – Uncommon
  • Pirate – Uncommon
  • Space – Rare
  • Rainbow – Rare
  • Rune – Legendary

That is Mystery Box #1.

There is another Mystery Box that I will take about what you can get inside but first I will be talking about what godlies you can get out of the first Mystery Box.

The godly that you can get out of this box is Gemstone.

This is a picture of Gemstone.

Mystery Box 2

This box contains:

  • Clown – Common
  • Shaded – Common
  • Lovely – Common
  • Leaf – Common
  • Biogun – Uncommon
  • Graffiti – Uncommon
  • High Tech – Uncommon
  • Nightfire – Rare
  • Deep Sea – Rare
  • Splash

The godly that your can get from this box is Lightbringer and Darkbringer.

Below I will put a picture of both of the guns.

They all cost the same amount, 1000 coins (that you earn in-game) or with gems that you can buy with Robux.

I won’t be getting into much detail with the gems but you can only buy them with Robux, there is no only hack/glitch to get free gems.

So, out of all of these boxes, the top popular 3 are Chroma Luger, Chroma Laser, Chroma Heat.

Out of all of them, my favorite box has to be Gun Box #3 I love all of the amazing guns you can get out of it!

What Rarity’s Are There?

The rarities you can unbox are, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Godly.

From rare up, they are the best knives/guns to unbox since they are a higher rarity.

The best one you can unbox is definitely godly, that is th3 highest rarity in the game.

You can find Chroma Godlies inboxes as well.

They look so nice and you could get amazing trades for them!


How Do You Get Godlies?

To get godlies you just have to open any box and see what you get.

These knives and guns aren’t easy to find so if you unbox one you are very lucky!

For me, I have never unboxed a godly but once when I was unboxing a box I found out I have 2 spaces away from getting Laser.

If you don’t know what godlies you can get I will just name a few and give you a quick idea.

  • Gemstone – You can find this out of Mystery Box 1.
  • Laser – Gun Box 3
  • Luger – Gun Box 1
  • Shark – Gun Box 2
  • Seer – Crafting
  • Bioblade – Buying The BioBlade Gamepass (not available anymore).

Now that I have said a few of the names you will have an idea of what they look like.

For example, one is called Shark so it’s going to look like a shark, and one is called gemstone so it’s going to have gemstones all over it.

But with some of these knives/guns, some of the names sound weird and won’t sound anything like it.


Are There Any Codes To Getting Free Godlies?

At the moment it isn’t possible to get free godlies.

There are some people claiming that by using codes you can get them.

However, I have found these all to be false.

At some point, the owner (Nikilis) might add some codes that will give you free godlies in the future.

If they do I will update you guys.

With that said the only way to get godlies is by opening boxes.

You cant get them any other way.

But there are codes to getting common/uncommon knives, some codes will work and some won’t so you might need to go through a number of them.

You can expect most of them to say ‘Expired’ which is why I don’t recommend even bothering as its a bit of a time suck.


Which Box Is More Likely To Get You A Godly?

You can get godlies out of all boxes.

Unfortunately, no box is more likely to get you a godly.

All boxes have the same percent chance of a godly.

So whatever box you choose you will always get a chance to unbox a godly.

But you have a very small percent chance of getting a godly, they are super rare to unbox!



So after all this, if you unbox a godly you are extremely lucky!

This game is one of my favorites at the moment and I will tell you the idea of getting a godlie is something that keeps paying, as they are cool to collect.

If you are new to this game I do recommend it, in fact, I have done a Murder Mystery review here which you can check out to learn more about the game.

Now I do hope you learned a thing or two about godlies and I am hoping you have a better idea of what boxes have godlies in them too.

Thanks for reading my post, and I will see you in the next one!

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