Your Complete Guide To Jobs On Welcome To Bloxburg

Welcome To Bloxburg Review: Is It Worth The 25 Robux?

Welcome To Bloxburg is a game on Roblox made by -Coeptus.

This game is very popular by having 3.6 billion visits with 93% vote ups out of 3 million people.

Coeptus created this game on 11/4/2014.

Bloxburg is all about getting a job, adopting a family/ joining a family, and building your plot.

You can build loads of things on your plot like; cafes, restaurants, houses, towns, and many more.

But unfortunately, this game costs Robux.

So all the robloxians that don’t have Robux cant play this game.

It costs 25 Robux.

What Is Welcome To Bloxburg?

Welcome To Bloxburg is a game where you can role-play.

You can make a family and explore the different activities.

If you’re doing a role-play you could go to the beach, the Ferris wheel, go gliding, and buy some play area stuff to add to your plot.

Such as swings, slides, rock climbing, and you could also make your 0wn playground.

There are many ways you can entertain yourself.


What Are Jobs Are There In Welcome To Bloxburg?

Here you can also work to gain money so you can pay bills, build your house, and also make food/ buy food.

I will name all the jobs you can do:

  1. BFF Cashier.
  2. Bloxy Burgers Cashier.
  3. Pizza Planet Delivery Person
  4. Pizza Planet Pizza Baker
  5. Fisherman
  6. Hairdresser
  7. Mechanic
  8. BFF Stocker
  9. Miner
  10. Woodcutter
  11. Janitor

Out of all of them, my favorite one has to be the Janitor.


How To Get Jobs In Welcome To Bloxburg?

If you’re wondering how to get the jobs what you have to do is at the bottom right-hand corner there will be a tag that has 4 icons on it.

All you have to do is press the 3 icon that has the person on and press work.

Press go to work and it should come up with two arrows and a select button.

Click on the arrows until you find the job you would like to work at.

It will come up with the jobs that I mentioned before.

You go on select the job you want and it should teleport you there.

When you are there start working.

Job Examples

If you don’t know how I will give you 2 examples.

For instance, if you want to work as a hairdresser you walk up to a seat and a person should come to sit down and it will come u with what hairstyle and what color they want.

Hairdresser's job in Welcome To Bloxburg

If you’re on mobile you just have to tap on the person where it says interact.

And you start changing their hair and color to what they want on the speech bubble.

The next one is Pizza planet baker.

Once you get there, there will be pizza toppings.

What you have to do is walk up to them and on the screen next to it it will come up with what the pizza should look like.

I think it’s easier in 1st person.

There will be a small dough, press on that and it should expand.

Making a pizza in Welcome To Bloxburg

Now, press on it again and it should come up with ‘add tomato sauce’.

Tap on that then next will be ‘add cheese’.

After you have done that ut will come up with the toppings.

Ham, pepperoni, and vegetables.

Click the correct topping that shows on the screen.

Then you are done, you just have to press done on the tablet that shows the pizza.

And you are finished.

Those are only two of the jobs that you can choose.

But if you run out of toppings behind you should be a box press on that and bring it back to the counter.

Tap on it, and then you have your toppings refilled.


What Is The Highest Paying Job In Welcome To Bloxburg?

There are no high paying jobs.

They are all the same.

When you have been work at one of those jobs for a while, you will be promoted.

And when you are promoted your money will be put up higher.

The more you have been promoted the more money you will get.

You can get even more money than your getting if you buy ‘Excellent Employee’.

You’ll get twice the money that you’re getting without the excellent employee game pass.



So overall there are no high paying jobs and all the jobs pay the same.

Depends on what level you are on.

Thanks for reading.


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